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OpenAI updated how prompts are being shared.
Since our toolboxes stopped working, we decided to disable them for now.
Sorry! Check back soon!

An AI that doesn't just answer, but understands and advises with the depth and nuance of an expert

We offer toolboxes of universal superprompts to supercharge your business and innovation. Universal means the superprompts can be used in any domain.
Our curated case studies illustrate superprompting and metaprompting practices and how to get the most from an AI.
Our unique BEYOND Toolbox takes you beyond the knowledge frontier with tools for ideation, validation, and scenario simulation.
Don't miss our famous biweekly talks with industry guest speakers that are highly practical and insightful.
The Starter Toolbox
Our Starter toolbox contain AI tools for a wide variety of tasks, and case studies to match.
AI is my Co-founder
AI is the not-so-secret weapon of founders and solopreneuers. Get the most innovative tools to pull ahead.
The LEENTEEM totally inverts B2B enterprise sales and marketing. Let your leads do the work without them knowing it.
BEYOND the Knowledge Frontier
Our BEYOND toolbox with specialized superprompts for ideation and future-thinking can take you there.
Learn with case studies
First time here? Seeing how others did things with AI is incredibly helpful. We took the best chats and turned them into examples for you to learn from and copy.
Upcoming Talks & Events
"Your meeting was one of the most interesting and mind blowing ones I have been to." - Vidal Graupera
"Excellent as usual! Amazingly these sessions keep getting better as more and more AI explorers share their visions and applications." - Briscoe Pelkey
"The presentation by Hannes Marais was astonishingly powerful and useful!" - Karin Rits
"Extremely well done presentations and informed people like myself who are new to AI - what it can do and what the potential is. Looking forward to more Demo Days!" - Manny
"Great exchange of ideas and knowledge." - Jorge Zavalla